Virgin Mojito Mocktail

Virgin Mojito Mocktail

This virgin Mojito recipe has all the classic flavor of some mint leaves, lemon, lemon syrup, sugar, and salt. This standout Mojito mocktail is the perfect drink for non- alcoholic people.

When you have corn chili, stuffed mushrooms, French fries in your starter then you can also make this virgin mojito as your welcome drink or mocktail for your party. Hakka noodles, stuffed and virgin mojito is one of my favorite combination for starter.

Here i am sharing simple and easy method to make this virgin mojito mocktail.

Virgin Mojito Mocktail

Ingredients of Virgin Mojito

1. Mint leaves

2. Lemon

3. Lemon Syrup

4. Sugar

5. Salt

6. Sprite/Soda


Preparation :-

1. Take a shaker add all the mint leaves, lemon pieces, lemon syrup, 1/4 spoon salt, 1/4 spoon sugar and shake well.

2. Then add some 7-8 ice cubes and shake them again or shake until all the ingredients release their flavors.

3. Pour the mixture of mint and lemon syrup in a glass and then add sprite or soda in it to make your mocktail.

4. Garnish them with a pieces of lemon and some mint leaves, your drink is ready to serve, enjoy.

Tips :-

1. If you are making virgin mojito for a crowd, grind the mint              leaves in a food processor or chop them finely with a knife.            Crushing mint leaves in individual glasses can be a lot of time taken.

2. It is best to use fresh lemon or lime juice while making virgin        mojito.

3. To convert this mojito into a cocktail, add 50 ml of your                  favorite  white rum or vodka to your glass while stirring in the soda.

4. There is a best combination by serving noodles, corn chili, French fries and virgin mojito mocktail.

5. You can also serve this drink with crispy corn pakoda.

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